Hear the Sound of Freedom!

February 11, 2011 Michael Kaufman

Three young Egyptians have produced a wonderful music video, “The Sound of Freedom” (Sout al Horeya).

Here’s the video. But first, a partial translation from Al-Jazeera:

I went down and I said I am not going back, and I wrote on every street wall that I am not going back.

All barriers have been broken down, our weapon was our dream, and the future is crystal clear to us, we have been waiting for a long time, we are still searching for our place, we keep searching for a place we belong, in every corner in our country.

The sound of freedom is calling, in every street corner in our country, the sound of freedom is calling.

We will re-write history, if you are one of us, join us and don’t stop us from fulfilling our dream.

Moustafa Fahmy, Mohamed Khalifa, Mohamed Shaker