Harassment in Tech: It's Time for Men to Speak Out (2016)  Kaufman -- Men in Tech Must Speak Out Against Harassment

Calling on the World's Fathers: You are Part of the Gender Equality Revolution Too! (with Gary Barker, 2015) Calling the world's fathers

There's No Such Thing as a 'Real Man' (2014) Kaufman -- There's No Such Thing as a Real Man



The Seven P’s of Men’s Violence
Why do some men use violence against women?  This short article explores the paradoxical reasons. Although the focus is on men’s violence against women, many of the ideas are relevant to the use of violence by men (and boys) against other males.   This is Michael Kaufman’s most widely translated article.  (PDF links below by language)

English     "The 7 Ps of Men's Violence"

French    ”Les Sept «P» de la Violence Masculine”

Turkish  “Erkek Kaynaklı Şiddetin 7 Nedeni”

Spanish   “Las siete P’s de la violencia de los hombres”

Italian “Le Sette P Della Violenza Maschile”

Russian  “Семь «П» мужского насилия”

Chinese     关于男人暴力的七个P

Dutch  ‘De Zeven P’S Van Het Mannengeweld”

Hungarian   “A férfierőszak 7 pontja”

. Arabic باءات العنف الذكوري السبعة

.Vietnamese "7 CHỮ “P” VỀ BẠO LỰC CỦA ĐÀN ÔNG"


PortugalbrazilPortuguese - 7 P's da violência.doc

Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post Conflict: Engaging Men and Boys
How can we engage men and boys in preventing and responding to sexual violence in some of the most dangerous places on the planet? How do we understand men's diverse relations to this violence, as witnesses, victims, perpetrators and peacemakers? Michael was the lead author of this advocacy brief by the MenEngage Alliance and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
Click here to read or download the PDF

The Day the White Ribbon Campaign Changed the Game: A New Direction in Working to Engage Men and Boys
This 2011 article is Michael's first synthetic look at the unique characteristic of the White Ribbon Campaign. It includes a short history of the campaign. Read in PDF: The Day the White Ribbon Campaign Changed the Game.

Building a Movement of Men Working to End Violence Against Women
Michael Kaufman discusses the need to both address and involve men in ending violence against women, discusses some of the pitfalls in this work, sets out some guiding principles for success, and shares his thoughts on what is the most developed international example of this work, that is, the White Ribbon Campaign. Read in PDF


Men Taking Action to End Gender-based Violence
In 2001. the UN agency, INSTRAW, conducted an on-line discussion on men’s role in ending violence against women.  This article is Michael’s opening statement to his portion of the discussion.  It focuses on transforming understanding of the causes of men’s use of violence into effective strategies and programs for ending the violence. examines the implications for action of the widely-accepted causes of men’s use of violenceRead in PDF

The Construction of Masculinity and the Triad of Men's Violence
How does the use of violence by some men relate to the dominant ways we construct masculinity?  How does the reproduction of men's social power lead to the use of violence, but also how does this lead to immense insecurity among some men, which also leads to violence? What is the relationship between men's violence against women, men's violence against other men, and the internalization of violence by men -- what Michael has called the "triad of men's violence" ?  These and other questions were explored by Michael in this 1987 article that has been widely reproduced and anthologized.  Read in PDF:


English - The Construction of Masculinity and the Triad of Men's Violence


German, "Die construcktion von Mannlichkeit und die Triade mannlicher Gewalt"


Successfully Involving Men and Boys to End Violence Against Women
This short article is an excerpt from Michael's keynote address  to “Stop Domestic Violence against Women - Ten Years of Austrian Anti-Violence Legislation in the International Context,” Vienna, Nov. 5-7, 2007.  (PDF links below by language)


English, “Successfully Involving Men and Boys to End Violence Against Women”


German, "Erfolgreiche Einbeziehung von Männern und Jungen in Strategien zur Beseitigung von Gewalt gegen Frauen"


Articles of the White Ribbon Campaign
“If it were between countries, we’d call it a war. If it were a disease, we’d call it an epidemic. If it were an oil spill, we’d call it a disaster. But it is happening to women, and it’s just an everyday affair.”  Thus begins the founding manifesto of the White Ribbon Campaign that Michael wrote in 1991.  As well, this selection includes two other WRC leaflets:  “What Every Man Can Do the End Violence Against Women” and “Frequently Asked Questions about the WRC.  Read in PDF




The AIM Framework: Addressing and Involving Men and Boys To Promote Gender Equality and End Gender Discrimination and Violence
This paper , originally prepared for UNICEF, synthesizes lessons from the past two decades of work with men and boys to end gender inequality and men¹s violence, and to promote new models of masculinity and new relations between women and men. It distills the conceptual tools that can help organizations focus such work so that it is not a drain on resources that could go to women and girls. And it develops a strategic framework for addressing and involving men and boys.  


English, "The AIM Framework"

French, "The AIM Framework -- Cadre d’action pour faire participer les hommes..."

 Russian - "The AIM Framework"


Men, Feminism & Men’s Contradictory Experiences of Power

A world dominated by men is indeed a world of men’s power and yet the individual experiences of men often stand at odds with that reality.  This article, originally published in 1994 and then revised in 1999, develops Michael’s concept of “men’s contradictory experiences of power.”  It suggests that these contradictory experiences actually form the basis for the possible embrace of feminism and gender equality by men.  Read in PDF


English, "Men, Feminism and Men's Contradictory Experiences of Power"


Spanish,  "Los Hombres, El Feminismo Y Las Experiencias Contradictorias Del Poder Entre Los Hombres"

estonia Estonian "Mehed, feminism ja meeste vasturääkivad võimukogemused"


Differential Participation: Men, Women and Popular Power
There are efforts in many parts of the world to promote popular participation and more participatory forms of democracy.  But these will only be successful if we work to overcome what Michael Kaufman calls “differential participation”: that is, the ways that existing structures of social inequality and existing gender relationships undermine the potential of these democratic experiments. This article is from Michael Kaufman’s book, Community Power and Grassroots Democracy. Read in PDF



Effective Solutions for Ending Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
Sexual harassment, particularly in subtle forms, is a problem in workplaces around the world.  This short article looks at the three keys for ending this harassment.   Read in PDF

Red Light, Green Light: A More Effective Approach to Preventing and Responding Productively to Workplace Harassment
An article that draws on my workplace training for the United Nations and numerous governmental agencies and companies. Read in PDF


5.  NEWSPAPER OP-EDs 1990s

Michael Kaufman’s articles have appeared in numerous newspaper.  Here are three, very short, vintage articles from the 1990s bundled together.  Read in PDF

Being a man doesn’t have to be a struggle (1991)
Looks at the price men pay for our dominant definitions of manhood and how men will benefit from change.

Men must abandon notion they are violent by nature (1991)
Challenges the widely-held view that the male half of the species is biologically programmed to be violent.

Better Fathering Will Help End Violence (1998)
Explores the link between the greater and more nurturing involvement of men in raising their children and the reduction of men’s violence, both against women and other men.

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