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Michael Kaufman is known for his powerful and entertaining keynote talks. Drawing on his roots in both storytelling and research, Michael weaves together humor, stories, and clear analysis for an event that is educational, positive and inspiring. He is also available, on a limited basis, for consulting and interactive workshops.

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The Time Has Come! Men, Business, and the Gender Equality Advantage. For too long we were told it was a battle of the sexes. For too long bringing equality between women and men to our workplaces, homes and communities seemed like a zero-sum game, with women winning and men losing. Even if this were true, supporting equality would be the right thing to do. But Michael Kaufman's work with corporations, governments, the UN, and NGOs over the past thirty-five years has shown this just isn't true—if we learn to manage it right. This talk, full of Michael's celebrated stories and humour, shows what men will gain by supporting equality. It shows the advantages that come to businesses and public institutions that embrace gender equality. It looks at the importance of corporate responsibility and leadership on issues ranging from ending violence against women to supporting the social and workplace changes that allow women and men to find work-life balance and to support the new parenting roles that men are playing. It's a fun and positive look of our own ideals of manhood that will give practical tools to leaders to bring into their own corporations...and lives.

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UN Women's Empowerment Principles conference - March 2016
Man Talk Cover 150p


Man Talk! Ending Campus Sexual Assault & the Three Secrets of a Great Relationship. Our campuses have a big problem. But the truth is that most men want good relationships (whether it’s for one-night or the rest of your life.) Campus men want the women we care about to feel safe. This talk, full of stories, humor, and packed with information, looks at the root causes of dating violence. It challenges stereotypes and the actions of some men, but does not dump on guys. It gives clear information about consent. It deals with serious issues, but it’s fun and very positive. It gets to the heart and soul (and, yes, other things) of how to build relationships that will make you feel good. A real crowd pleaser.

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Talks include:

  • ManTalk! Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence Against Women
  • How We Can Raise Our Sons to Be Good Men
  • The New Fatherhood is About to Change the World
  • Red Light / Green Light:  A Positive Approach for Ending Sexual Harassment
  • Men and the Gender Equality Advantage

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