Dr. Kaufman has worked around the world with national, state, provincial, and municipal governments and social service agencies.  He's worked with community-based organizations, women's organizations, and international NGOs such as OXFAM, Amnesty International, Save the Children, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Society. He speaks in communities and at conferences.


Booking Information

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Mantalk!  Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence Against Women. Far too many women face a grave threat each and every day.  How can we end physical, sexual, and emotional violence against women? This talk, drawing on Michael Kaufman’s pioneering work around the world and his role as co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, analyzes the root causes of this violence and charts an optimistic pathway for women and men to work together to end the violence.


How We Can Raise Our Sons to Be Good Men.  In spite of positive changes in recent years, we're still raising our sons to be the boss, to tough it out, to be in control, to show no emotions, and to always be the winner.  Not only does this cause terrible problems for women, but it sets boys up for failure for these are ideals that no boy or man can live up to.  This inspiring and positive talk helps parents and teachers, clergy and coaches see how we can do a much better job.


The New Fatherhood is About to Change the World.  We're at the beginning of a change that will do for men what feminism did for women: that is, the full-scale redefinition of fatherhood and men as  caregivers. This talk, full of wonderful stories and analysis from across the country and around the world, looks at where we've come from, where we're going and, most importantly, how we're going to get there to the benefit of us all.


Men and Women: Working Together for [a] Change. Between women and men, the rules have changed. This talk addresses mis-communication, confusion, fear, and anger. It also addresses the inequality and violation of human rights far too many women and girls still experience, but also, paradoxically, the price men have paid for our ideas of manhood. We explore not only how society as a whole can become a fairer, safer, and healthier place for women, but also how men’s lives can also change in a positive way.


Red Light / Green Light:  A Positive Approach for Ending Sexual Harassment.  Let’s get beyond the misunderstandings, simplistic rules, and rigid categories. This talk creates a positive environment where men can drop any defensiveness and work alongside women to learn about the costs of sexual harassment for the workplace and for individual women and men. Most importantly, it helps us all learn to identify the problem, in particular, the subtle forms of harassment, and find practical ways to prevent harassment or respond in productive ways if it does take place.