To male mystery readers (on International Women’s Day),

This is a wonderful era for mystery readers. Fans have thousands of authors to choose from, from their long-time favorites to new writers appearing each year.

Unfortunately, some of my brothers only look at half the bookshelf. There are still those who turn their backs on women writers or who disproportionately read male writers.

By doing so, we men are missing out. Missing out on the imaginations of half of humanity. Missing out on insights that our own life experiences may not give us. Missing out on some of the most exciting and creative voices out there.

As you’ll quickly discover, women writers cover the gamut: police procedurals to psychological thrillers, small-town cozies to techno-thrillers, near-future to historical, private eye to amateur sleuth.

I hope you’ll join me on March 8, International Women’s Day, to buy a book by a woman author. And to keep reading women crime writers in the days ahead.

There’s a whole world out there. Don’t settle for half of it.

                                                                                                          Michael Kaufman, March 8, 2022



"Outstanding"  Publishers Weekly

"Must read new thriller"

"Engrossing" Emma Donoghue

"Strong, richly imagined" Kirkus Reviews

"Hits" Thomas Perry

"Characters, plot & style: it's got it all" Yrsa Siguòardóttir

"Makes me think" Anne Perry

The 1st Jen Lu Mystery

Washington, DC. 2033.

Bad things are happening in the nation's capital,

but, then again, you just might saythat about the last few years.

Climate change is hitting hard, fires are burning, unemployment is high,

 and a longevity treatment is only available to the very rich.

Enter resourceful police detective, Jen B. Lu, and her 'partner',

 Chandler, an experimental SIM implant tucked into her brain.

He's a wannabe tough guy, with a helluva sense of humor

and his own ideas about solving crimes.


Jen catches wind of a counterfeit version of the longevity drug

and the bizarre outbreak of people aging almost overnight.

Soon, she puts her own life on the line to stop the people pushing this.


A true crossover: a police procedural;

a near-future mystery; a novel of political intrigue;

a story of personal heroism and change.

And page-turning fun.

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