Dr.Michael Kaufman is known for his powerful and entertaining talks at conferences and meetings.  Drawing on his roots in storytelling and research, Michael weaves together humor, stories, and clear analysis for an event that is educational, positive and inspiring.

He has spoken to diverse corporate audiences, including Unilever, Rio Tinto, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, PepsiCo, Accenture, HP, Deloitte, Royal Bank of Canada, PECO, Philips Electronics, and Triumph International. He keynoted at the Hangzhou government’s and UN Women’s 2015 conference on gender equality and corporate social responsibility. He was a featured speaker at "Business Partners for Gender Equality", the 2016 Women's Empowerment event at the United Nations. He has worked with governments in dozens of countries including the United States, Canada, England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,  Italy, Spain, Turkey, Georgia, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, and Australia.


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M Kaufman Hangzhou 250The Time Has Come: Men, Business, and the Gender Equality Advantage. For too long we were told it was a battle of the sexes. For too long bringing equality between women and men to our workplaces, homes and communities seemed like a zero-sum game, with women winning and men losing. Even if this were true, supporting equality would be the right thing to do. But Michael Kaufman's work with corporations, governments, the UN, and NGOs over the past thirty-five years has shown this just isn't true—if we learn to manage it right. This talk, full of Michael's celebrated stories and humour, shows what men will gain by supporting equality. It shows the advantages that come to businesses and public institutions that embrace gender equality. It looks at the importance of corporate responsibility and leadership on issues ranging from ending violence against women to supporting the social and workplace changes that allow women and men to find work-life balance and to support the new parenting roles that men are playing. It's a fun and positive look of our own ideals of manhood that will give practical tools to leaders to bring into their own corporations...and lives.

Other topics

traffic lightRed Light / Green Light:  A Positive Approach for Ending Sexual Harassment. Let's get beyond the misunderstandings, simplistic rules, and rigid categories. This talk creates a positive environment where men can drop any defensiveness and work alongside women to learn about the costs of sexual and other forms of harassment for the workplace and for individual women and men. Most importantly, it helps us all learn to identify the problem, in particular, the subtle forms of harassment, and find practical ways to prevent harassment or respond in productive ways if it does take place.

NZ White RibbonIt's Our Business, Too:  Why Violence Against Women is a Workplace Issue and How We Can End It. Far too many women face physical, sexual, and emotional violence. This talk, drawing on Michael Kaufman's pioneering work around the world with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations, and his role as co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, looks at the surprising reasons why this is a key issue for businesses and unions alike.  It also analyzes the root causes of this violence and charts an optimistic pathway for women and men to work together to end the violence.

Want to read more?  "Effective Solutions for Ending Sexual Harassment at the Workplace" is a short article that looks at the three keys for ending sexual harassment.

What They Say About MK

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*  Excellent. *  Awesome, amazing, inspiring.  Wise, wickedly funny. * Very good.  Loved the humor.  *  Loved this! One of the best male speakers I've heard. *  Fantastic.  Great use of humor to talk about a tough subject.  Good job. *  I'd love to hear more from this speaker.  * Really really enjoyed.  *  Loved it.  Thank you..  *  Great speaker.  *  He was great.  *  Great speaker, animated a passionate about subject matter. *  Excellent education  *  Excellent presentation  *   Great job.  *  Good speaker.  *  Great presenter.  *  This conversation is worth having again.  *  Very funny, very engaging.  *   Valuable information to pass along to other organizations. *  Great visuals.  funny!  *  Great presentation - wish we had more time.  *  Absolutely fantastic.  *  Entertaining and informative. * Very enjoyable.  * This was excellent. *  Really enjoyed the speaker.  Interesting and knowledgeable. * Amazing! *  Great