Michael's powerful talks draw on his roots in storytelling, his scholarly research, and his work around the world.  He weaves together humor, stories, and clear analysis for an event that is educational and entertaining, positive and inspiring. His campus visits can be solely for a talk. They can also include course lectures or seminars for student leaders, residence-life staff, athletes, members of fraternities and sororities, alumni, or simply a group of interested students.  Versions of these talks can also be given in high schools.



US & worldwide: Michael's bookings are handled by Brian Brady at Creative Promotions Agency: brian@creativepromotionsagency.com or 631-335-5470

Canada: Please contact either Brian Brady at Creative Promotions Agency: brian@creativepromotionsagency.com or 631-335-5470.   Or if you're a client of the National Speakers Bureau, please reach out through them:  speakers@NSB.com, 1-800-360-1073.  

Man Talk logo blue smMan Talk! Ending Campus Sexual Assault
And the Three Secrets of a Great Relationship

Our campuses have a big problem. But the truth is that most men want good relationships (whether it’s for one-night or the rest of your life.) Campus men want the women we care about to feel safe. This talk, full of stories, humor, and packed with information, looks at the root causes of dating violence. It challenges stereotypes and the actions of some men, but does not dump on guys. It gives clear information about consent. It deals with serious issues, but it’s fun and very positive. It gets to the heart and soul (and, yes, other things) of how to build relationships that will make you feel good. A real crowd pleaser.

Guy’s Guide to Feminism … The Talk

Really now. How should men react to feminism? Are we screwed forever? Or liberated? Set up for collective blame or about to experience a new era of better relationships?  And what do men really need to know about feminism? Based on his hit-Indie book co-written with Michael Kimmel, Michael Kaufman explores what men need to know about feminism and how they can react in a positive way to these momentous changes. An incomparable night of humor, serious conversation, story-telling, and hard-hitting analysis.

WRC colour hi resWe Can End Violence Against Women!

Far too many women face a grave threat each and every day.  How can we end physical, sexual, and emotional violence against women? This talk, drawing on Michael Kaufman’s pioneering work around the world with the United Nations and his role as co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, analyzes the root causes of this violence and charts an optimistic pathway for women and men to work together to end the violence.



Michael delivers auditorium talks, does in-service talks to teachers, presents after-school or evening programs to parents, and speaks at teachers' conventions.

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