Called the "funniest, hippest, most indispensable book you will ever read about the F-word." And called other things, too, not nearly as nice.

Either way, this is an A to Z guide to help men get a deeper understanding of feminism, what it means for us as men, how feminism is going to change our lives for the better—and why we should support it even if it didn't.

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"A relevant, inclusive, funny, and straight-to-the-point explanation of how and why feminism improves life for the male half of the world, too."  Gloria Steinem


"Feminism touches everyone, every day. Kaufman and Kimmel guide us through a conversation that is imperative in our society−and they do it with clarity and humor." Donald McPherson, former NFL Quarterback and College Football Hall of Fame

"The Guy's Guide to Feminism is the book for guys on how to be more authentic and fight for a more just world."
Courtney E. Martin, author and editor at

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